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My conception of Decentrism / 1987/ Adam Wiśniewski-Snerg, 1937-1995

All existing works of art, despite their rich diversity, can be categorized under one trend – centrism, whose essence is location of the center of the object, whatever it may be, depicted by the artist – always within the frames of the work.

For centristic art it is characteristic to aim for complete exposition of the presented object – regardless of the chosen form.  Centrism allows presenting a fragment of some reality, but only when the whole object does not fit within the frames of the work.

My conception of picture’s composition, in contrast to above mentioned centrist one – is called Decentrism. A painting expresses the decenstrist postulate, when the center of the depicted object is found somewhere outside the work’s frames, from where the object dominates the depicted surroundings.  Such composition principle – through creation of tension between the hidden object and visible background – allows enhancement of the significance of the object or its background according to their assigned roles.

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